From the day I first met Tanya she has been a constant, whether I've been actively looking to move roles, needed a second opinion on my career path or when I have been looking to build my own team. She is astute, very likeable and reliable.” Sophia A

“In a crowded market of recruitment, Tanya Roxburgh provides a recruiting relationship like no other I have come across. I first met Tanya as a candidate fresh into the UK market looking for a senior role. After weeks of courting various recruiters, Tanya pounced on my CV, whipped it into shape and placed me into a role within days of an introduction. The role I have taken on has a strong focus on recruitment and I now rely on Tanya to feed me quality, considered candidates. Tanya always interrogates a brief, advises me on market trends including remuneration and rates and sends me quality candidates for consideration. Her introductions do all the hard work for me - with written summaries about the candidates and her views on how they may or may not fit the existing team. I trust her judgment implicitly and value her knowledge of the market. I would without hesitation recommend Tanya to prospective candidates and managers alike.” Lara B

“Tanya just gets it: she understands that teams are made up of people who get on, who complement each other, who stimulate each other. Many headhunters simply tick the boxes on the brief; Tanya puts together teams like a well thought out dinner party - some leaders, some quiet, some loud, some informed, some flyers... Whether you're hiring or considering a position, I can recommend working with Tanya because she simply puts more effort and more thought into what she's doing than any other head-hunter I've met.” Jonathan S

“Tanya was incredibly helpful and efficient when it came to helping me find an exciting job opportunity in the summer of 2010. I've been recommending her services ever since. Sounds cliched but believe me the above is factual. And on top of that she's a very lovely person.” Marie G