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Project Management

Senior Scrum Master Producer – digital agency

Post date: 6th December 2018

Location:Central London, London

Contract: Permanent


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Senior Producer SCRUM MASTER

Fantastic Digital Product and Innovation Agency in Central London are looking for a Senior Scum Master to join their Producer team.

The Producer Team sees production management as a craft. It is driven by a passion for excellence and detail, the exercise of good judgement, and the understanding that half of the job is about people. They are calm, dynamic multi-taskers and problem-solvers, and the guardians of good process and best practices. They are positive and great to be around. All Senior Producer roles are highly client-facing.
This Senior Producer (Senior Scum Master) role has a platforms and products specialism. They will focus on varied web and native projects, but may also be required to work on other project types as needed. Senior Producer Team Producers Reports to Director of Delivery.

This role requires an active Agile Scrum certification, as well as relevant experience of running medium-large Scrum projects within the past 2-3 years, with 5-7 years experience. These projects should include platform/product work, and ideally would have included UX and UI team effort as well as technical development. Demonstrable experience of managing the delivery of high profile digital products or experience is desirable.

Waterfall project management experience is also required. A Prince2 or equivalent qualification is a nice-to-have.

Project Delivery
Agile Scrum Platform Design and Build
• Preparing for and facilitating all scrum ceremonies – sprint planning sessions, sprint reviews, daily stand-ups, end of sprint retros and end of project retros. Varying retros to maintain good engagement. Running planning poker or other estimation sessions.
• Ensuring all tickets in the sprint backlog are well-defined and have acceptance criteria from the PO and/or QA.

Job Description
• Enabling the team to own their JIRA board, driving rigour of ticket management and personal responsibility and accountability if needed.
• Tenaciously removing blockers, working to ensure the team can produce their best work at pace.
• Producing end of sprint reports. Examining sprint performance and, combining with retrospective outcomes, using this information to continuously improve the project.
• Facilitating backlog gardening with the team and Product Owner as required. Supporting the PO with release planning and release strategies.
• Meticulous management of release versions and tagging.
• Configuring new JIRA projects correctly.
• Working to solve any and all project problems, and maintaining a positive, problem-solving mindset.
• Planning ahead and being anticipatory: anticipating risks, problems, resource bottlenecks.
• Understanding and evangelising about the value of production best practices. Representing delivery excellence at the agency.
• Using the written and spoken word to persuade people towards a different or alternative course of action if needed. Conducting oneself in a considered, warm and likeable manner.
• Developing warm professional relationships with clients.
• Explaining complex things in simple (and even compelling) ways.

Project Planning and Administration
In accordance with agency’s processes:
• Meticulous resource and budget planning and management.
• Building budgets and producing quotes. Managing the project’s budget WIP day-to-day. Ensuring project time sheets are updated every day to enable good decision making and provision of near-live data to the company.
• Authoring well-written Statements of Work as required.
• Producing detailed project plans for waterfall projects, and resourcing plans for Scrum projects.
• Selecting the appropriate method to deliver the work within the agency’s frameworks. Being able to speak to the benefits of each method and rationale for recommendation.
* Co-ordinating and oversight of client and user workshops.
• Highly organised with regards to setting up, preparing for and attending meetings, whether internal or external.
• Recording key project decisions, feedback (and ensuring execution of feedback). Following up on calls with written summaries.
• Pro-actively reporting project statuses to the Director of Delivery. Raising anticipated production and budgetary issues with the Director of Delivery ahead of time.
• Helping the project team to maintain quality, feasibility, collaboration and knowledge sharing throughout the project.
New Business
• Supporting the commercial team’s new business endeavours in accordance with processes from solution sketching, production approach, prospect management, ballpark estimation through to firm plan and contractual agreement so that deals are landed swiftly and with low risk.
• Working in close collaboration and communicating well with client services partners.
• Mentoring other more junior members of the team as required.
• In the absence of the Director of Delivery
o Reviewing Statements of Work, costings or project plans from a production perspective for other members of the team.
o Being nominated as the go-to person for new business support, prospect assignment and solution-finding.
• Attending or hosting daily company scrum and daily wrap sessions with the producer team.
• Attending other producer team sessions as needed e.g. internal seminars.
• Leading presentations to clients, or to contribute to the presentation of pitches and proposals alongside client services and other members of the team.
• Contributing to agency practices with observations and ideas.

You are someone with brilliant people skills that enable you to liaise between team members, departments and the client. You have the ability to be tactful and tenacious all at once when overcoming impediments. You’re known for your excellent attention to detail – always fully in command of the job at hand and committed to technical and creative excellence. You’re able to keep a cool head and remain good-humoured in times of stress and supportive to the individuals in the project team, but you also know when it is the responsible and wise thing to escalate your concerns. Everyone in the team will take their attitudinal and emotional cues from this person, which is why your being calm, good-natured, resilient, energetic and ego-free will serve them well.
The candidate will be working directly with client-side Product Owners and client contacts. Whilst this is not an Account Person role (AM is a distinct and separate team) these relationships are a basic but important part of production at the agency. Building an understanding of the client, using empathy, tact and being helpful whilst preserving the integrity of the project is a crucial balance to strike.

You are adept in use of JIRA, MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel or have transferable knowledge from Pages, Keynote or Numbers, and are familiar with Confluence or use of other project documentation Wikis.
Confident use of Macs would be highly beneficial, as would some experience in Adobe CS and/or Sketch and Zeplin, different technology stacks, languages and so on.

Literacy and Numeracy
You’re a very competent writer of clear business and production communication to ensure all stakeholders and team members fully understand all the elements of the project, and should understand detailed project budgeting. You are professional and articulate over the phone and in writing, with great spelling, punctuation and grammar.

An amazing role working with some fabulous people in a  mid-sized central London agency – apply today!

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