Tanya Roxburgh

Tanya Roxburgh

Email: tanya@gather-talent.com

Mobile: 07770 588711

Skype: tanyaroxburgh

Linked In: tanyaroxburgh

I have been in the digital business since 1998 – the same year that Google first launched.

Starting life in a brand consultancy, I was one of their first Digital Account Project Managers. I worked for clients including Bourjois, BT, Radio Taxis, British Gas, The Science Museum and Land Securities managing the build of large websites, banner ad campaigns, games, kiosks, interactive installations and more. I also helped manage the technical team and so do know a little about HTML and PHP! I was then headhunted to go and set up the Digital Division of Gabriele Skelton working closely with a Digital Creative Recruiter, I recruited all roles across Account Handling, Planning, UX, Project Management and Technical.

In 2003, I joined Jessica at Major Players where we had 6 very successful years together leading the digital recruitment division. Jessica and I created Gather in order to expand our reach and create more opportunities for both clients and candidates, using our many years of joint experience to its best advantage.

Growing up with the industry means that I know the agency and brand leaders as peers. This forms the basis of my style, which both candidates and clients describe as professional, honest and fair.